US ‘Requested’ Qatar to Host Delegations from Hamas and Taliban for ‘Settling Differences’

Former CIA director, David Petraeus

The Gulf Cooperation Council decided to break diplomatic and trade ties with Qatar, following claims that it supports and funds organizations promoting ‘extremism’. The Arab peninsula had since been struggling to raise its voice against the allegations made against it to prove its innocence. In the meantime, the spat with Arab neighbors also introduced the country with a crisis of food supply as most of it came from across the borders — Saudi Arabia which was eventually stopped following the blockade.

However, the recent statement from Former CIA director, David Petraeus makes the terror funding allegations on Qatar questionable . David, who is also a retired general, said in his statement that it was ‘US who requested Qatar to host delegations from extremists — Taliban and Hamas so that the settlement of differences can take place as Qatar is home to US military HQ. Nevertheless, the situation was manipulated and used against Qatar to blame it for supporting and funding extremist organizations while the situation was other way around.

The Former CIA director told a French newspaper Journal du Dimanche, “Our partners should remember that Qatar — at our request — welcomed delegations from the Taliban and Hamas, and that Qatar is now home to our military headquarters for our operations throughout the Middle East.” The statement is doing rounds on the Internet and growing uncertainty towards Qatar criticism.