How looking forward to wear something special can keep you out of a rut

Remember that time when the first day of school started and you had that outfit waiting for weeks already… That level of excitement regarding your outfit should be present in atleast one item of your outfit. We need to build in the excitement daily, because the danger of ending up in a rut is lurking around the corner.

Blouse H&M £17.99, Shorts Mango £19.99, Pumps Gianvitto Rossi £520

Looking forward to things is a good way to keep you out of a rut. Preferably not planning further away than a week so the level of spontaneity is still in there. Therefore planning your outfits for the week ahead for two special things that are happening during that week is a good way to excite yourself. The anticipation of wearing your outfit to that meeting or dinner date gives you something to look forward to.

The part of my outfit that makes me the most excited are shoes. I live in a city and travel a lot by public transport and I have to walk a great deal every day. The shoes that excite me the most are heels and those aren’t the most practical ofcourse. Therefore moments that I can wear my lovely heals are easily moments that I feel really good about myself and definitely out of a rut. Heels make me feel more feminine and I am lucky to own comfortable pairs.

Long blazer — Materiel £169.50

When I am not able to wear heels I usually get excited about wearing dresses or a good blazer. One makes me feel feminine in my flat shoes and the other gives a basic outfit the structure that I like. My eye is always drawn to the most beautiful rich colour when I look at Instagram, but my own wardrobe doesn’t reflect that enough. That will be something that I will keep in mind when I hit the shops in September. I know that colour gives me a lot of joy because it projects a level of playfulness that I love.

What excites you is personal, this is where personal style should stem from. Which part of your outfit makes you excited? Some people like a lot of colour in their outfits, other people like to wear monochrome nude, some people love to be as comfortable as possible and some people like to wear the latest fashion.



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