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Theta Labs

1-click staking is now live in the Theta Web Wallet! With this new feature, you can delegate your THETA to stake to community-run Guardian Nodes that have volunteered their nodes for use. 13 long-time Theta community members have already volunteered for their nodes to be whitelisted in the Theta Web Wallet, so you can earn TFUEL staking rewards easier than ever. We’re looking forward to new stakers pushing the Theta protocol staking percentage through 60% and higher with this new update!

Theta 1-click staking is available in the Theta Web Wallet to start, but will be added to the Theta…

As we march towards a June 30 release of Mainnet 3.0, a key protocol extension is the introduction of TFUEL burning where Elite Edge Nodes will burn at least 25% of each TFUEL payment to the network. In addition to this, network transaction fees and smart contract fees are also burned taking these TFUEL perpetually out of circulation.

In order to better align value with the transaction volume on Theta blockchain, a moderate increase in the gas fee on Theta protocol is necessary. Currently, the fees on Theta network are near zero, and after the proposed increase would still be…

We always love to see Theta community get involved in building the Theta ecosystem, and the Theta Hackathon featured many great new examples of these. In case you missed it, here is a quick overview of the 3 winning projects, as well as several other honorable mentions helping push Theta protocol forward!


The livestreaming platform designed for social good, and built from the ground up integrated with Theta Network


The Android app that lets you easily create your own Theta NFTs with no coding experience required

It’s not a secret that Theta Labs has spent significant time exploring and driving blockchain technology discussions with large Global 1000 enterprises. These efforts have yielded results like bringing on-board Google, Sony and Samsung as Theta Enterprise validators, media companies like MGM and Lionsgate as content partners and Japan’s LINE corporation and Korea’s Kakao Klaytn as growth partners in Asia. However, the application of Theta’s blockchain technology in enterprises goes well beyond these examples. We see the evolving enterprise blockchain market really beginning to get traction beyond the early pilots.

Theta’s vision for this market goes far wider and deeper…

Today we put the spotlight on one of Theta’s longest-standing advisors, Sam Wick of United Talent Agency.

Sam Wick is a leading digital and entertainment executive. He currently leads the venture group of United Talent Agency (UTA), one of the largest talent agencies in the world. Their roster includes the most well known and loved names in media and culture, including Post Malone, Priyanka Chopra, Dr. Phil, Chris Pratt, Sofia Vergara, Seth Rogen, Bad Bunny, LeBron James and many others.

UTA Ventures invests in and builds great businesses at the intersection of media, commerce, talent and technology. Their businesses include…

At Theta Labs we apologize for the delay of the first WPT ThetaDrop, originally scheduled for this past Sunday May 2. We had unusually high traffic due to the live broadcast and real-time advertisements that ran on TV and cable broadcast for the Season XVIII Theta Network WPT Cash game. We recognized that our systems needed to further scale at a global level to support this large demand, where our top 10 countries include not only the US, UK, Australia, Canada but also Spain, Germany, South Korea, Russia, Netherlands and China. …

We’re excited to announce that BitBoy, the popular crypto streamer with 750k+ followers, will launch his own Theta NFTs on ThetaDrop in May. Bitboy along with a number of other creators are launch partners of ThetaDrop general NFT marketplace throughout May and June, when the platform opens up broadly in addition to branded partners like World Poker Tour.

BitBoy is one of the most well-known crypto streamers, with daily view counts frequently higher than 200k on his Youtube videos. His unique NFTs built on Theta blockchain will be released as part of a dedicated site at BITBOY.THETADROP.COM.

BitBoy’s NFT drops…

We’re pleased to announce that today Theta Labs was awarded a third U.S. Patent 10,979,467 for “Methods and Systems for Peer Discovery in a Decentralized Data Streaming and Delivery Network”. This groundbreaking innovation extends Theta’s previous U.S. patent 10,771,524 by introducing Viewer Nodes that leverage a superior Peer Discovery system to optimize decentralized video delivery. You can read the full patent here.

The patented Peer Discovery technology uses advanced algorithms to enhance the robustness and connectivity of the Theta peer-to-peer edge network, resulting in significantly improved video delivery quality. To achieve optimal node peering in a decentralized network, it takes…

Theta development team has been heads down on work for Theta Mainnet 3.0 for some months now, and great progress has been made toward the release of Elite Edge Nodes and TFUEL staking and burning on mainnet. However, to ensure the edge network functions efficiently as it scales to 100K+ Elite Edge Nodes and to incorporate some building blocks for our longer-term NFT vision, we decided that additional time to conduct a more thorough code review and testing was important.

Due to this, the Theta Mainnet 3.0 launch date will be moved from April 21st to June 30th, 2021. While…

The next Theta Enterprise Validator Node featuring institutional and private equity investors Sierra Ventures, Heuristic Capital, VR Fund, and GFR Fund have staked more than $100M in THETA to a collective Enterprise Validator Node. In aggregate, these funds have over $2B in assets under management, with some leading Limited partners including top national endowments, pension funds and corporations. The new Enterprise Validator node is located at address 0x3905663153b7f2ba8a21f020f87df6fcf13580c5.

Sierra Ventures is a Bay Area-based early-stage venture firm investing globally with a focus on Next Generation Enterprise and Emerging Technologies. With over three decades of experience and billions of assets under…

Theta Labs

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