5 Unique Things About The Trademark Search Company (TTSC)

The Trademark Search Company (TTSC) is one of the most widely trusted TM search and watch service globally. Doing hundreds of searches daily for TM practitioners and TM owners, TTSC has achieved this status based on its formidable team of experts, unmatched prices, highest quality, widest coverage and 100% risk cover guarantee. TTSC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sagacious IP.

#1: 100% manual process

Robust search strategies designed by experts for each search taking in to account the phonetics, translations, etc. Customized report containing search log + all details (including status and images) for the relevant marks sorted by jurisdictions.

#2: Price match guarantee

We challenge that you cannot find a lower price for such premium service If you do — we will not only match the price but also give you 10% off that. We will make you surely wonder that you would go yelling “How are these guys so affordable ! ”

#3: Pay only-if satisfied

We bet that you will love the service (as all our current clients do) and come back regularly However, if you are not satisfied from a search, we won’t leave you disappointed — you get it for free. Wait, that’s not all, we will still work on it till you are 100% satisfied.

#4: No hidden costs

At the TM Search Company, we assure you that all prices that we offer are inclusive of all taxes, etc. All prices are independent of number of NICE Classes and ‘Goods and Services’ being covered.The cost structure is transparent and viable .There is no hidden cost that you incur.

#5: Widest coverage

Searches covering registered marks / common law references existing anywhere in the world in any language. Comprehensive Phonetics and truncations to cover all Similar/ Confusing marks Full Flexibility to order search coverage as per your exact needs

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