My interview of the Zombie

I have been studying the mindless zombie for awhile now, the common city zombie. A scientific term for this zombie is the commenticius partes-hospes, a name given to this species in earlier ’00. to my study of this CPh, I have determined that this species has slowly gone insane due to a weird toxic that occurs in staring at boxes of either brown or black mixed with the indulgence of an edible form of toxic.

I have studied the CPh for quite sometime, interacting with them in the very best I can. However this has proven to be very difficult as I am not one of them. This leads to observation number one:

1. They tend to become agitated and give a response of constant moaning and mumbling. The others in their group proceed to leave a noise of amusement while then they lead on to mumble in their foreign tone.

Also, a thing I have noticed is that they tend to be in groups, unlike other creatures who walk alone, this species tends to spend its time together, constantly. If they are not with another CPh, they will then begin to stare at the sun for a period of time, which then becomes weird because even if a CPh does return, they both begin to stare at the sun. Sometimes I found this kind of amusing, why should they be staring at the sun for so long. What about this source of light amuses them so much?

During the day the CPh normally appears to be half-dead or just look as though care couldn’t even be given. The CPh tend to write odd names on themselves such as S. Jbssco , or Ljif. Even though this is ridiculous, the CPh use this as a way to separate each other and use this as a way to get permission to hack blood and spit onto others of the species. You can also tell that the difference by which group is which based on how many cuts of names are on their body. Some are are cut in with ink and some by knife.

The CPh also hold many scars from battles of which I’m not aware of. CPhs’s don’t normally notice it but when they do they start going towards the individual they spotted it upon. A group of them might begin to scratch, and tear the scars, then they proceed to try and open up the scars, showing the innards of the CPh they just targeted. Most of the time they are successful, and proceed to groan in a tone of approval as the insides of the targeted CPh begin to pour out, all of its remaining organs like its intestines and heart are then stomped upon, before the group that performed this act, move on with their soulless motions.

Anyway, after that attempt to did not work I thought of giving up on my studies. I picked back up on this study after I was given a weird note by a colleague. My colleague informed me that apparently the CPh found something of amusement and it was going to happen in this spot. When I found out this information, I immediately packed up my research equipment and proceeded to the coordinates I was given.

When I arrived there, I was thrown off by scent. There was an aroma of death mixed with organs and other scents I couldn’t accurately describe. The sound was of loud sounds that shook most of the house, which made it almost impossible for me to even finish my research. I at the very least found my spot on the ground and out of the way. It was almost then I was appalled by the sights I would soon see.

Despite the loud sounds and smells, another thing I noticed was that most of them were either staring at the sun, or staring at someone staring at the sun. I saw that the CPh were very much into the act of molding into one, an act that sometimes made me want to vomit. Most of them would do this repeatedly, look at the sun, then fuse into one and so on. Many of them I also noticed had some sort of toxic indulgence and with every take of it they began slowing down and stumbling or blowing out dust. They would proceed to tear scars into CPh’s and all of them then growl and moan with amusement.

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