Split Side (Demo Story)

I awoke to find myself in the alley my vision still slightly blurred. Once I came to, I noticed the faces of a few people, obviously scared and shaking. Their bodies covered with blood. I looked to my hands and realized they were covered with blood. In my left hand a battered metal bat with blood and dented spiked; I slowly realize what is happening but I don’t want to believe it. I quickly look down at the ground to find the remains of a human body….. If body is truly the right word . There were just tatters of cloth and bones and some organs, with what, I presume, is the heart under my foot.

Oh God…… It happened again

I wanted to let out a yell but I couldn’t because I know they would be after me. The same they who put me in this mess and the the same they who destroyed me.

I look up once more to see those guys still here with their faces in the same state as when I came to. I reached out my hand to try help them up but as soon as I did they snapped out of their daze, got up barely able to I might add, and tried to sprint away from me. I shouldn’t be surprised, this is the third time it has happened in the past month and I know I am going to soon lose my calm life

Oh no….. They are coming, I have to get out and clean my clothes. I rush out the alley and to the sewage grate. Why does this have to happen to me

I wonder though

Chapter 1

I woke up in my sewer-shelter at about 4am, like I normally do. Only this time I woke up with a cold sweat on my face. I was still recalling the events from my memory.

“Was it a dream….. It has to be…… yeah, it has to be” I kept telling myself as I tried to suppress the event. I could still see the blood on my hands, the bat bent into into a boomerang- like shape, and even what remains of him. I swallow my vomit before It could go all the way to the top of my throat. After taking a few more deep breaths, I look around my room when I see it, and my heart almost stopped. I saw the bloody clothing hanging up on the wall