Who is love?

What is your lover, your partner and companion?

1 — The one that keeps you up at night:

Thinking about you, if you’re thinking about me.

2 — The hours before meeting:

An eternity, a burden, come free me please.

3 — Your sickie partner, impromptu calls to the bosses on a Monday morning:

You’re an escape, a period of elation, an addiction.

4 — the petty arguments, the yearning to make up:

Egos get in the way, but your eyes show it all, I know you.

5 — The passion, regardless of time, never faltering:

The love, incomprehensible, incalculable. Ask your maker, He will testify.

6 — The look we give each other, understanding:

I know what you’re thinking. I know that look, every time.

7 — One to open up to, feeling of acceptance and security:

No more hiding, no more staying back. Take off your shell, I’ve got you.

8 — The ‘I hate you’ and feeling of regret straight after, a kiss to follow:

A saying, only to show my love. Never true, never coming to mind.

9 — A feeling of ownership, guard your pride, a personal wolf pack:

I belong to you, take me, lead me, care for me. Let me be me.

10 –The hugs at the end of a long day, or a short day, it doesn’t matter:

The warmth, the embrace. Times slows, tensions wither. Calm settles.

11 — The first “I love you” the many after:

Never taken for granted, the words only a gateway to the mountain that waits.

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