Fix The Audio Service Is Not Running Windows 10

How to repair Audio solutions not performing in windows 10: so that you have already been using windows 10 from quite a while but suddenly one-day out of left field one pops up saying “Audio services not responding” and sound isn’t any longer taking care of your personal Computer. Don’t worry that is completely fixable but let’s first understand why you’re obtaining such an error.

This error occurs since the audio driver is outdated and couldn’t function correctly or during Windows 10 update the audio driver gets damaged, in any case, let’s observe to fix this matter.

Audio services not performing in Windows — 10 Correct:

Method 1: Start Windows Audio services

Click Windows key + R then type services.msc and hit enter to open Windows services list.
services windows
Now locate the following services:
Windows Audio

Windows Audio Endpoint Builder

Windows audio and windows audio endpoint
Be sure their Startup Type is defined to Automated and the companies are Managing, either way, restart these once again.
restart windows audio services
If Startup Type is not Automated then double-click the services and inside house window set them to Computerized.
windows audio services automatic and running
Ensure the above mentioned services are checked in msconfig.exe
Windows audio and windows audio endpoint msconfig running
Restart your computer to use these changes.

The Audio Service Is Not Running

Method 2: Start Windows Audio components

Click Windows key + R then type services.msc
services windows
Locate Windows Audio support and double click it to open properties.
Select Dependencies tab and grow the factors shown in “This support is dependent upon the next system components.”
windows audio qualities system components
Now make sure most of the components outlined above are Started and Working in the services.msc
remote procedure call and rpc endpoint mapper running
Finally restart the Windows Audio providers and Reboot to apply changes.