When your college experience is not what you hoped it would be.

Through life, we are exposed to all of these movies based on “real experiences” in college campuses and what we are supposed to do and not to do. But what happens when your college experience is not what you expected?

When I decided I wanted to go to college and pursue a degree my parents were glad and I was too! I had this idea that those four years were going to be the most magnificent, perfect and wild on my life.

But then, my first year passed…. “I’m a freshman, that year is not supposed to be as exciting as the rest of them.” I thought to myself foolishly. And that’s what I believed, because all my life I thought that college was going to be filled with crazy parties, boys, love, fun and crazy memories and still get excellent grades. Oh boy, I was naive.

But as time flew, I realized that this was not going to change. This magical place called college and their crazy stories are like Narnia… not real.

Yes, college is filled with stressful but rewarding days and great ways of learning and amazing professors and classmates whose ideas will stay with you for eternity and I’m truly grateful for that, but I still feel like extraordinary things could happen. But they didn’t. Nothing shocking or amazing happened. I went to class, joined a few clubs and organizations, made a few friends and did homework.

I feel like this is the end of a warranty and I need to ask for my money back (yeah, like if that could happen.) because I truly feel that I was ripped away from this experience, from those hangover mornings, from the endless crushes that took my breath away on my way to class, from those procrastination days and of doing everything the night before it was due, well, that’s the only “exciting” thing I did.

My college experience left me many things; it left me some good friends, some people I don’t ever want to see again, I did learn a lot and I learned that it’s possible to do all the work worth of a semester in two nights. But I still feel like I missed something, something that I don’t think it’s possible to take back.

College took four years of my life that I will never get back, my last four years as a free human that doesn’t have any other type of responsibilities other than get good grades and earn some money on a job on campus.

So, yeah, if people see this will say that I was a boring person that didn’t hang out with the right people or that was too worried for their grades but the truth is that I really tried, maybe this particular college doesn’t belong to the fun colleges but I really tried to be fun and do stupid things before going on to the real world.

In conclusion, for everyone that went to college and didn’t get the right experience, lets ask for our money back.

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