Everyone Wants Your Money…Including Me!

Everyone out there is looking to grab a hold of your money. Yes, the reality of life is that everyone out there is trying to make a buck! It used to be that the early settlers traded for furs and commodities like silver and gold, but in this day and age cash will always be king! Though, I won’t fault you if you would like to hand me some gold. When we exchange our hard earned money for something, it’s often because we feel like we’re going to get something of value in return. We as society, have collectively agreed that this paper contains a certain economic value, and we have a mutual agreement of receiving something in return. What’s the best use of your money however, so it feels like you’re not burning it?

This isn’t an article written of me telling you how you should spend your money, or what you should do with it. At the end of the day, we as humans have a different perception of things, and value things according to our own subjective interpretation of them. Some people find value in collecting art, or beginning a baseball card collection, while others find value in buying boats or luxury cars. When it comes down to it, how you spend your money is ultimately determined by what you value and put precedence on.

Fortunately, we can always make more money even if we happened to spend it on something that we regret. Nevertheless, how many times have you purchased something on impulse and instantaneously said, “I wish I never did that!” That feeling of remorse can last for a very long time with many people, especially if they were very expensive purchases that were made. If what you wanted didn’t somehow live up to the expectation that you had, it tends to leave a horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach.

Ideally, every human being out there wants to minimize the purchases of regret. The only way that this is really achieved is utilizing your money in such a way that brings you a sense of long-term lasting value. If you’re wondering what would bring you long-term lasting value, take a few things into consideration.

  1. Will I remember this for life?
  2. Can it serve me some way in the future?
  3. Is there potential that it will make money?
  4. What are the drawbacks of this purchase?

If you truly examine where you decide to put your money too, you will see whether or not it will be a purchase that you feel was worth it, or one that you can add to your list of regrets. Most people for instance, feel that travel is a great use of putting their money towards because it buys the experiences of a life time. To exemplify, one who travels will always have stories of adventure, or excitement to tell their family, friends and loved ones about of the places that they visited around the world. Thus, the experience of travel alone was worth every dollar that they spent. Others, for example, will choose to spend their money investing in real-estate properties considering the financial incentive that exists long term.

As I have discussed above, how you spend your money and on what is really not my concern. After all, it is your money and you are free to do with it as you wish. My only intention is to point out that when you spend your money, carefully consider the pros and cons to where you are putting your cash. Your money should be used as a means to fill you with positive experiences, and joy and not feelings of remorse. Being responsible with your money will allow you to live a more exciting, liberated and financially secure life.