I was a horrible employee, and deserved to be fired.

If anyone were to look at my job history they would say something is clearly wrong with this guy, and they would be right. With every job I have had in my life, I’ve been a horrible employee in one way or another. Except, I never really acknowledged that fact until I was fired at one of my jobs (and rightfully so).

No matter where I was working, I consistently made mistakes on the job, wasn’t following my managers directions or attempted to do things my own way instead of following the company’s standard practice. This isn’t something I am boasting about or proud of; this is something that makes me ashamed of myself. I let down many people who gave me opportunities, and tried to help me out…and that’s something I feel genuinely remorseful about.

I could have given more of myself to the organization. I could have done what I was told, and advanced well within the ranks of the organization. I’m saying this because I know if I had really put my energy, and focus into it I could have done it. On the flip side, if I had perhaps you wouldn’t be reading this today.

It’s funny how life works sometime though. If I had remained in one of those jobs, perhaps I would have never decided to follow my dream as a writer, and publish a book. Maybe, this is exactly where I am supposed to be at this moment.

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