Learn to See Possibilities, where there are None

Theodore Roosevelt, (Former 26TH U.S. President) once made the statement: “Do what you can, with what you have and where you are.” I find this statement to be very interesting, and as result have decided to write about it. More specifically, I have decided to apply this statement to an Entrepreneurial perspective for those aspiring to become Entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneurial journey can be quite difficult for many because of the limited amount of resources that may be at their disposal. Nonetheless, the challenge for every Entrepreneur is to be able to figure out a way to overcome those challenges given their current circumstances or situations and capture value.

If you wish to capture value, you must learn to utilize what you have to the best of your ability. In essence, you must discover ways to become resourceful so that you can draw in the resources you need to assist you in executing on your vision. Put simply, you must be able to demonstrably prove your value (be it to the market, or to investors) that what you are doing contains value. If you are successful, you will have a greater chance at succeeding in your business venture. Whereas, if you are unable to capture value and capitalize on it, then the vision you had in mind will not come to fruition.

Don’t view your predicament as an impossibility. What’s important is that you always have an optimistic outlook and maintain a sense of enthusiasm about what it is you are doing. No matter how limited your resources (be it financial or other) you must see beyond them, and find alternative routes to get what you need. Let me illustrate, if for example, you are having difficulty raising money for your business venture, you can aim to use social media to discuss your idea and see if their are potential angel investors willing to provide you with capital. This is only one avenue that can be taken, although there are others.

Every Entrepreneur will be faced with an abundance of challenges. In the Entrepreneurial journey, there is definitely no shortage of them. The challenges are not only in the initial phase, but throughout the entire course. What I wanted to express in this piece, is that you must be able to use your creativity, resources and a little ingenuity if you want to succeed in your venture. Instead of looking at what you lack, make it your mission to find ways around your situation and see the possibilities. You will find that to every problem you encounter, there is a solution and everything you need will eventually come to you, as you get better. Never allow your situation to serve as a source of discouragement to your journey, just continue to see Possibilities where there appear to be None.