Reasons or Results

I’m going to begin this article by paraphrasing something Les Brown has stated: In life, we can only generate two things. Reasons or results. To put it simply, we either accomplish something or we have excuses why we didn’t. The problem is that many of us often choose the former. When something goes wrong, we’re quick to blame, shame and complain. This however, isn’t the attitude to possess.

Most people would rather choose one of the three alternatives listed above than to take responsibility. In fact, very rarely are people quick to take responsibility. The way to a better life is making the choice to decide that you are indeed going to be responsible for your life and your actions. You’re not simply going to pass the buck when things go wrong and only decide to take the credit when things go right.

This is not an article of me promoting a holier than thou image (please do not interpret it in that way). We’ve all been in situations where we have made mistakes but never really acknowledged it to be a fault of our own. Nevertheless, if you can learn to admit when and where you go wrong, you will eventually start producing better results in your overall life. Which would you rather have, reasons or results?

I’m willing to bet that you would love to go your grave with more results than reasons. Even if you didn’t produce the results that you intended to o(or hoped would be in your favor) at least you won’t be playing the blame game, and that includes making yourself a victim to blame.