The Best Revenge is Success

It’s amazing how quick people are to shoot down the ideas of others, and pick them apart. Many Entrepreneurs (even the most successful ones) have been told over and over again, that their idea is stupid in the preliminary phase, that is until they have managed to succeed. Then, the very same people who said to them it sucked, often sing a very different tune. Some of those people may even claim that they saw value in the idea when in actuality they shot it down all along. I guess that’s why Sinatra believed that massive success is the best revenge. It’s the only way to officially shut people up, especially those who failed to believe you in all along.

Don’t get the idea that I’m saying you should be walking around with a chip on your shoulder, or living life your bitterly because someone didn’t see what you offered. Instead, every time someone out there tells you your idea is stupid or has no value use it as your fuel. Put simply, use every rejection and criticism to your advantage by finding out where you can improve.

If someone is throwing up criticisms about your idea, product or service take it is a blessing in disguise. You may say, well how is that really a blessing to be told your idea sucks or has no value? Well, it can tell you a lot. Is there a problem with the way you’re communicating your idea? Is there something that you have overlooked? Is there a better way?

If you’re struggling with getting people on board to see your vision, you must then begin to question, well then, what do I need to do differently?You can have the most brilliant idea out there, but if you’re failing to communicate it in such a way that it can show your idea has value, then it’s going to be extremely difficult getting others to listen or value your idea the way that you do.

When all is said and done, to be a successful Entrepreneur you must have thick skin. You’re going to get criticisms from everyone (including members of your own family and friends). The reality is, not everyone out there is going to believe in you and what you’re doing. The most important thing, is that you continually believe in yourself and have faith in what you do. No one will ever believe in what you’re selling until you do.