The Importance of Relationships

Every time that we meet a person we form a relationship. These relationships may not be in the intimate sense, but we form one nonetheless with whomever crosses our path. Our entire lives is built around the formation of relationships because we are social beings by nature and meant to live cohesively as one in our environment. Put simply, we are social creatures.

Relationships can take in many forms. The relationships that you have with your family, spouse, partner, colleague or business associate(s). In essence, the relationships you build affect every aspect of your life, and the quality of it.

So, why is this of crucial importance you might ask? Well, the stronger relationships that you build with people, the better quality of life that you will have. The more that you are willing to invest yourself in the relationship, the greater the quality of the relationship will be.

A recurring theme that I keep stressing upon, is the fact that your life will be significantly better if you’re willing to take the time to invest in your relationships. I’m talking about going beyond just the superficial sense of what you can get out of it, and be willing to offer more of yourself to it. Don’t get the impression that I’m saying to be a doormat for others and be walked upon, but there must be a healthy balance of give and take, and not just take.

To conclude, if you want to have a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life you simply must work on building the relationships you have. You must be willing to put in the effort, and time towards strengthening the bond that you share with the individual. You must also be willing to let go of relationships that are not serving you in your best interest and are toxic to your life. If your relationships consist of people that are hurting you in some way, you must be strong enough to walk away from them. Toxic relationships, such as those that may cause you any form of mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual abuse will drain you of your energy. All relationships should make you fulfilled and happy! You have the power to choose the relationships you feel are with growing, and those that you must walk away from.