The Leaders That We Need

I was inspired to write this article after a quote I came across from Martin Luther King Jr. whereby he stated: “We need leaders not in love with money but in love with justice; not in love with publicity but in love with humanity.” Such beautiful words as these deserve to be echoed across nations to all people who have an innate desire to become a leader or be regarded as one. The leaders of the world have the potential to change the world, and that is exactly the impact that every person who wishes lead should strive toward. A leader is not about serving him or herself, but about being a service to the greater of good all.

The impassioned Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was correct when he argued that the leader we need is not in love with money. A true leader is one that values people before money, and puts the interests of people before the dollar, and before him or herself. Put simply, a leader that values money above all else, can never truly value people nor will be inclined to serve people before their own interests. This is because at the true core and nature of the individual, he or she will always choose money over the interests of another human being. More to the point, one that is in love with money also means that his or her integrity can be compromised with it. Hence, doing what is right or just will be overruled and bought.

Moreover, Mr. King also made the argument that the leader we need isn’t in love with publicity, but in love with humanity. A leader that is merely in love with publicity is only driven to serve his or her own ego, and not genuinely inclined to serve for humanity. In essence, a leader that only wants the limelight is doing it to benefit him or herself, but not as a benefit to do good for another. A true leader does not care about the recognition that they receive in the public eye or away from the public eye, but only cares that good for another is being done. He or she is content in knowing their actions have created change despite anyone else who knows.

Please, don’t arrive to the conclusion that I’m saying a leader who is successful financially cannot serve or care genuinely about humanity. Rather, the argument I have put forward is that a leader who feels money takes precedence above all else (even people), will not have the best interest of others at heart. Thus, he or she is not an individual that is fit to lead or be in a leadership position. The true nature of a leader is one who is truly compassionate about addressing the needs of others and helping to meet them. The leader we need is one who leads with his heart and not concerned with the dollar.