The Real Challenge of Life

As you may expect, there are periods in everyone’s life that are good and bad. No one has a life where it’s all doom and gloom nor all rosy. It’s just the natural part of life. We have moments that make us laugh and we have moments that make us cry. The challenge we are all faced with however, is how we come out of the moments that disappoint us through life. Do we grow as people and become better, or do we allow those moments to defeat us and curse our existence?

The real challenge of life is how we take the hardships we’re dealt, and how we ultimately allow them to affect us down the line. In my opinion, if you’ve managed to hold yourself together and moved forward despite a bad hand then you’ve succeeded. In essence, you didn’t allow the pain of life to stop you from living, but managed to keep pushing on through.

Unfortunately, the pain of life is a necessary element. Without pain, there wouldn’t be anything there to remind us what real joy is. Pain, therefore serves as an essential component. The universe is balanced and that balance could only exist with the darkness. More to the point, the pain of life also reminds us to appreciate the things of life that we are blessed with. They say that if you want to lead a happier life, it’s best to focus your attention on your blessings, rather than your problems. That statement speaks volumes of truth. Many of us however, wouldn’t even acknowledge our blessings if pain was non-existent as we wouldn’t have a deep appreciation for what we’ve been given.

I will conclude this article by saying, even if you’re going through some difficult moments in your life, shift your attention on all that is beautiful around you. Never forget to count your blessings, and truly be aware of what you’ve been given. The good thing about dark days is that they aren’t permanent. By making the conscious decision to focus on the good you have, you can lessen the darkness and eventually the light will begin to break in.