How Can We Re-Define Success?

Maybe it is because my net worth, from a dollar perspective, is meager at best but I am over how our society equates dollars with success. This has become magnified over the last few months as a product of the Presidential election process. Is my legacy, is our legacy, anchored to our bank statements? Will my kids have my headstone engraved “nice guy but didn’t have a vacation home in Aspen?”

Watching the GOP debates has been quite entertaining. Entertaining yet very disturbing. Billionaire this, millionaire that. Big hands this. small hands that. Capitalism, socialism, fascism, racism. Hair, OMG, HAIR!!! Have terms such as integrity, compassion, professionalism, gone the way of flip phones? Are we going to put a man or woman, in the most powerful position on earth, based on our societies warped interpretation of what it means to be successful?

My dogs are not pure bred. They are rescues from an Indian Reservation in South Dakota. I try to hold doors open for old people. Yes I give money to the homeless dudes at intersections. Will they buy booze with it? Maybe, but like I wasn’t. Hope my heasdstone reads “nice guy.”