When entrepreneurs get stuck…where to?

Thursday, 25th of May, Brisbane — Qld Australia. World here I go again.

Another amazing, productive and inspiring day. I had a very nice, interesting and thoughtful conversation later this afternoon with an aspiring entrepreneur, a genuine guy, 23 years of age, hustling to get his ideas in place to finally focus to get his first startup off the paper and bring it to life.

I find quite interesting, how the “new generation” doesn’t have the patience, the timing nor the understanding that things, especially a business, doesn’t happen from day to night, that The Social Network movie, is “fiction” and happened throughout the course of several years to get to the point where they are at the moment.

We had a pleasant conversation where the core of it was: Where do I go? Which road should I take? What’s next?

I find this pretty common amongst entrepreneurs, and to be honest, in my opinion, there’s no exact recipe nor correct answer. BUT, there’s always a way to make you think and find the decision we believe is the right one at the that time, when we get stuck in similar situations.

First, think of what is the real reason that you are doing what you are doing. I understand that is not always easy to understand the true reason you are doing what you are doing, that’s why whenever I want to find out the person’s real reason, I do the following exercise:
One rule: Can’t repeat yourself
1. What do you want?
2. What stops you?
3. What do you want instead?
Repeat questions 5 & 6 in a loop
4.What do you want?
5. What will that do for you?
6. What will that do for you?
Always remember to repeat the last important thing the person you are doing the exercise with last said.

You’ll be amazed how you can get to the real answer to what you are really looking for. I’m always amazed and whoever I practice this exercise with, also feels the same way, once they realise that what they thought was the reason they are doing or trying to do, at the end, has nothing to do or is totally different to what they thought it was.

I’ll give you a real example: This guy was feeling stuck between several ideas, pressure about uni, family and lack of confidence.
We did this exercise for about 15 minutes, and what started with a lack of understanding of what he really wanted, what was stopping him or how he would move ahead with his idea for an app, end up being a desire to prove to his dad, that his was worthy of running his own business, that he wanted to be seeing as an adult and that his dad should be proud of him. 
End of the day his answer was, I’d like to get the respect and appreciation I believe I deserve from my family and in especial my father.

What can we take from this?

Before you want to go somewhere, understand where you are coming from. Before you take an action, think and plan to not get caught up in the dead end road nor with the goal without a plan is just a wish.
Consider if what you want to do, is going to fulfil or solve the need you are looking for to do it.
Last but not least, don’t ever ever ever throw the towel.

Next time you find yourself stuck, looking somewhere but nowhere, remember, entrepreneurial life is for everyone, but not everyone is for entrepreneurial life, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with not being an entrepreneur, you can still be as happy as anyone else, you can still be the best version of you, just being yourself.

I quote: “If you believe you have what it takes, you should put your hands up and do it”

I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I did enjoy writing it. Feel free to send questions and further topics and I’ll do my best to write or discuss further with you. I believe that sharing experience and collaborating with the community is helpful, amazing and rewarding!

Wish you all a lovely day,

Thiago Castro