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Press Release
TARCO International introduces its Genesis Project
AgAu — the Blockchain-powered Physical and Allocated Gold and Silver-backed Cryptocurrency Tokens

Lakeside Business Centre, Zug, Switzerland, 10.04.2018

On 10 April 2018, TARCO International, a Zug-based Technology Start-up, presented for the first time to the public its Genesis projects AgAu.io and Staxe.io. The event was hosted by the Lakeside Business Centre, where TARCO International is resident, and brought together crypto- and blockchain enthusiasts, private investors, financial institutions, and a variety of private companies, interested in both precious metals and blockchain and crypto investments.

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AgAu, named after the symbol for the chemical elements argentum, for silver, and aurum, for gold, will issue two cryptocurrency tokens which provide investors with a safe crypto-market investment option, in a volatile cryptocurrency market. When buying AgAu tokens, token holders gain direct ownership of physical and allocated gold and silver, and because the tokens are always linked to 1 g of silver, per AgAuSLV token and 1 g of gold per AgAuGLD token, AgAu tokens value cannot fall below the respective gold and silver market price. The gold and silver will be stored in some of the largest private vaulting facilities in Switzerland and other locations, according to the company, which have already expressed interest in collaboration with TARCO International, which will announce major partnerships in the coming weeks.
‘AgAu can represent a stable and real alternative to fiat currencies and “Cryptofiat”, cryptocurrencies which have no intrinsic value’, says Thierry Arys Ruiz, Founder and Managing Director of TARCO International. He adds “if Satoshi Nakamoto, which is the pseudonym of the anonymous founder of Bitcoin, could comment on AgAu today, he would probably endorse it. I believe it takes his idea of Bitcoin, to become an alternative to fiat to the next level, because it represents a cryptocurrency which returns to the original idea of money, a token with a value in itself”. TARCO International is currently open to investors or partners, who can get more information via AgAu.io, and get in touch directly.

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AgAu Symbol inspired by the Ancient Aztec Gold Symbol

TARCO International and its founders Thierry and Luis have a common mission. Born and raised in Mexico but having lived abroad in the US and Europe for most of their lives, combine the innovative entrepreneurship of Latin America with the quality and excellence of Switzerland, and have therefore found their perfect home in the CryptoValley Zug. Their passion is to provide people of all walks of life with the opportunity of democratised and decentralised ownership of real assets and innovative ideas, which blockchain technology and digital tokens make possible. “We want to gain the trust of the community, create meaningful partnerships and provide real value for investors. Transparency and a clear concept are paramount to achieve this goal. We welcome investors, the community and partnership talks to move on faster and push these projects to the next level.”

Watch the full presentation of Agau.io at TARCO’s office in the CryptoValley Zug, Switzerland

During the Presentation TARCO’s Founder, Thierry Arys Ruiz mentions a conference titled : “The Future of Money” by Mark Carney, Governor of The Bank of England and how AgAu aims to compete as a better form of Money.

Extract of the Future of Money — Lecture by Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England

Visit: www.AgAu.io, Like & Share our Social Media pages and get in touch to support our project.

Telegram Group: https://t.me/AgAuCrypto
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AgAuCrypto
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TarcoInt
Medium: https://medium.com/@AgauCrypto

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CEO & Founder of AgAu.io

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