A good article Thilina.
John Ferguson Smart

Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable insights and experiences John. I went through your links and blog. It seems like I have a lot to learn from them. I added some of those links to my article too.

About Cucumber, I also came across an article written by Cucumber creators: The world’s most misunderstood collaboration tool and now can understand the relation among BDD, Cucumber, test automation, and Agile. With all this understanding, I though of writing a new article on BDD as an extension to this article.

Also thanks for sharing your article on Feature Mapping concept. It gave me a new perspective to look at this concept. I will definitely give a try on the tool set built by you guys. It is so great to see such awesome tools coming from open-source community.

BTW my final goal is to evaluate BDD tools available out there and the biggest challenge I saw in them is to have the right balance of writing meaningful features and creating reusable libraries for them. The way that each person writes behavior tests can be different and to avoid the potential rework, we need some sort of standard to manage these features effectively. I highly appreciate if you can share your thoughts regarding this concern in your upcoming articles :)

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