socially collaborated TGS

Innovation is the sine qua non of success in any business. But, there are many other ingredients needed in the making of a booming enterprise. And if the path to success is innovation, collaboration is the de facto facilitator of the voyage to prosperity.

Collaboration simply put means uniting together or working together to grow together. Collaborated work or collaboration is working jointly and when we work jointly innovation is shared in such a way that everybody becomes a part of it.

If one has to list the benefits of collaboration, it will be a big one. The fruits of shared wisdom are but many! It is a time-saving conducive process bringing innovative solutions to the forefront.

The purpose: improved value creation by leveraging technology with ideation and problem solving in much lesser time.

In-house collaboration is what is in practise but what if you could collaborate with businesses from any part of the world and share their innovation for a better, smarter future? Sounds like the perfect recipe for success! What if we all, irrespective of our geographical boundaries work as a team and be each others’ building blocks for success? What if we could share the innovation and grow together? What if there is a process of value creation where everyone is a part of one single team with one goal, efficiency and optimization?

That’s what we aim to achieve! We at Untrodden Labs want to democratize innovation to share it with everyone for a collective intelligent endeavour and achieve together what couldn’t alone.

Let’s embark on a journey from Corporation to Collaboration!
We have created Things Go Social (TGS) for inter and intra organizational collaboration solution to share innovation for smart strategic growth and development.

Things Go Social is a social platform for enterprises to collaborate with their employees and with other enterprises to share innovation to grow. Not only would it provide a platform to interact with humans, it is step futuristic as it lets you interact with the machines and equipment as well, made possible with our modular IoT device for data aggregation and analysis.

For Inter-organizational collaboration, TGS will provide maintenance engineers and executives a platform to interact and exchange information whenever they want for any application like notifying about a particular site in a factory, machine, etc. Or for any other possible reason like machine failure etc, also for communicating their queries, doubts, so on and so forth. This will enable a social collaboration of employees at various hierarchies with executives and vice versa in order to solve a problem without wasting time thus saving money.

Inter-organizational collaboration

For Intra-organizational collaboration, TGS can provide a platform to interact with enterprises globally to benefit from the innovation and help each other in time of need. It provides a news feed like any social media platform to comment and ask their doubts and queries from TGS users.

Intra-organizational collaboration
Let’s build a smarter world together by democratizing innovation with collaboration. To know more, contact us!