Get in the smart game, before it’s too late

The market of consumer electronics industry is driven by the needs and demands of the consumer, it has “consumer” even in its name, it is a market, for the consumers. The revolution hatched by the Internet of Things is bigger than the one brought to the world by the Internet itself and it has successfully permeated the consumer electronics (CE) Industry.

The smart market of this smart age demands smart appliances. Afterall market trends are like the mast of a yacht controlled by the winds of the demands, praxis, and progressions of the time. And this international trend could have easily been observed at the CES in January this year. When so many renowned companies are aiming for the same goal, there must be reasons to do so? New technologies bring changes in consumer behavior, which allows for new players to emerge. It is a series of chain reactions, one following the other while making way for another major modernization.

Latest studies show, that especially in the US about 70% of homeowners already own a smart appliance. It is mainly the millenials that are interested in owning a smart appliance. The overwhelming majority though agrees, that the smart appliance contributes to the value of their home.

We believe this new disruption is more promising than it seems as it is not only adding value for the consumers but also for to the business of the manufacturers.While this new age of appliances is about to make the lives of consumers unbelievably convenient and efficient, the manufacturers of these appliances are also set to unlock a new revenue stream. The manufacturer’s today, find themselves at the crossroad of a crucial decision, whether to embrace the current innovation or to go the old-school way. We believe it is time for the manufacturers to reap the benefits from the innovation of intelligence.


The slew of smart appliances is a minefield of benefits and enormous potential of revenue generation for the manufacturers, and, we at Untrodden Labs are giving you ways to unlock the power of connected smart appliances for your business.

Our IoT platform, ThingsGoSocial(TGS) is connecting all the appliances to intelligence with Thing Green. Thing Green is a modular data aggregation device to give your appliances sixth sense!

We at Untrodden Labs have developed a device Thing Green and a platform Things Go Social which has the power to transform any appliance into a smart appliance for a consumer-driven innovation in a consumer led market. The changes on your original product design would be marginal and the costs at its lowest. Thing Green was designed to be easy to implement and furthermore, it allows to be upgraded to new technologies in the future. All the features of the smart appliance would be available straight away and are customizable.

We are leveraging the technologies of IoT and AI to help the manufacturers with

  • New revenue generation opportunity: This new age of smart appliances can enable manufacturers to optimize their production and revenue generating streams by giving them in-depth insight of consumer usage and behaviour. They can easily introduce additional services and features to increase consumer satisfaction fulfilling greater demands while introducing new revenue opportunities.
  • Reduced time to market: With in-depth insights manufacturers can quickly deliver their products to the market knowing exactly what is required!
  • Enhanced services: Smart appliances give 100% transparency with real-time monitoring which equals real-time diagnostics. A smart refrigerator, for instance, with real-time monitoring and fault detection can give clarity with the fault as to whether it is with the compressor, evaporator, thermostat or fan. The manufacturer can send the maintenance services to the doorstep of the consumer and can even schedule it beforehand with predictive maintenance. This would result in enhanced consumer services and increased consumer satisfaction, saving time and increasing efficiency.
  • Energy efficient appliances: A new range of exclusive smart appliances which are energy efficient with real-time energy monitoring. It keeps a track of the energy consumption to give the consumers and the environment a gift of energy savings!

And getting a panoramic view of the TGS enabled smart appliances show us the great influence they are capable of! These appliances use computer and telecommunication technology to become more efficient in regard to energy utilization and output.They can even tap into the smart grid to make the most efficient use of the electricity available. Smart appliances prove to be the most promising innovation for not only individuals, but, for the world at large!

Get into the smart game, with Things Go Social!