Of Air Purifiers and IoT

Air Purifiers are helping people to live and work in a clean environment, free of germs, fine dust, and VOCs, which are volatile organic compounds. Air pollution is meant to be one of the major factors for the occurrence of respiratory diseases, such as asthma and COPD and therefore, it makes sense to use an air purifier, especially in regions with high levels of pollution.

So why do so many people in India do not own or do not use air purifiers? 
Actually many people do own an air purifier, they just do not use it. These people are well aware of the health risks that pollution is causing, but they still don’t use it.

The device has one flaw, it does not show the people the impact it is having on their lives. At some point, these people were probably using the air purifier, but over the time it has become an annoying and seamlessly unnecessary task to activate and deactivate the device and they have gradually decided to let it be once and for all.

This happened because they never really felt any difference. The air still smelled the same and the people of the household seemed to be healthy most of the time, so why even bother about it? A similar effect can be observed in smoking. Everybody knows it is unhealthy and shortens your lifespan immense, but one more cigarette won’t make the difference right?

So how can you generate awareness of the issue? 
You have to remind people and show them how impactful such an air purifier can really be. And this is where IoT comes into play. IoT, the Internet of Things, is the concept of ever more connected devices to the internet.

But how is connecting an air purifier to the internet going to help anybody?
By taking the data, that the air purifier is generating anyway, uploading it to cloud and making it available on your smartphone, you open up a whole new world of possibilities.

  • The air purifier can notify you when the air quality is too low in your apartment
  • You can set certain times for the air purifier to be activated automatically
  • You can activate the device before arriving at the apartment
  • The air purifier can notify you when it is time to change the HEPA filter
  • You get real-time information about the air quality and can compare it to different periods

All this leads to an increased use of air purifiers, a better understanding of why these kinds of devices are important and especially an increase in health and life quality.

For the producer of such devices, the benefits are obvious too: Higher sales volume and improved customer satisfaction. We are not only talking about sales of new devices, but also replacement filters and replacement devices.

Updating your existing models to ‘Smart Air Purifiers’ can be costly for a producer which is focused on developing high-end devices. That is why it makes sense to source this kind of technology from an IoT specialist, which can provide you with a full solution. Like this, you can keep your R&D costs down while gaining a whole new customer base.

Contact your IoT specialist for further information: www.thingsgosocial.com