Every profession and occupation in each industry comes with their own occupational hazards as a result of which each year more than 2 million people lose their lives in occupational accidents and fatalities. But construction industry tops the charts with the highest rate of 1 in every 5 workplace fatalities occurring in the industry.

On an average 2 construction workers die each day because of on-site fatalities at construction sites in the US alone and that’s a startling figure of deaths annually. All these factual findings propagate the need for a secured construction industry.

Fatal and non-fatal injuries and accidents are not only pernicious for the human resource with the workforce loss but are also a big financial loss. The construction industry incurs a whopping cost $13 billion annually due to fatal and nonfatal injuries cost around $13 billion annually with a loss of more than 2 million working days.

We at Untrodden Labs, aim to accelerate a digital transformation of all the industries to create a better, smarter world! With our IoT platform Things Go Social (TGS), we are making the construction industry socially secure for a safer future.

By making the industry secured we are making a safer society! Security can be defined as the measures, steps taken in a process to ensure safety. Security then becomes what needs to be done in order to be safe!

TGS provides a smart ecosystem of integrated sensors connected using IoT and optimized using advanced data analytics and AI algorithms. In the construction industry, theft and is a victim of vandalism increasing the security concerns. With active real-time monitoring, all this can be curbed and controlled.

It is a social platform to connect the industry and its equipment and employees to control and manage them with a centralized interactive dashboard.

A wireless system for data aggregation and communication to collect massive real-time data to draw analysis with the power of predictive maintenance using AI while making all the actionable insights remotely accessible. It would create transparency and end-to-end visibility of the on-site operations for increased employee and equipment safety.

Moreover, get alerts and notifications in real time in case of mishandling of the equipment or machines. Also, helping the construction foreman to take quick and preventive measures and mitigation steps in time of disasters or fatalities.

With TGS enabled equipment like machines valuable information through data readings can be taken like the temperature, weight capacity (in case of lifts), etc which can be used for making informed decisions regarding maintenance scheduling and the security of the site.

Sensors can detect the weight bearing deviations reducing the hazards and risks and with real-time alerts and notifications, there’s complete awareness and knowledge. Knowing the exact machine/equipment status and structural integrity can reduce the number of accidents significantly.

Making construction industry secured from the fatalities for a safer workplace. For more details contact us!