Smart Grids making the world Socially Safer

Homo-sapiens in their essential state are social animals and the present supervention of the social media, the virtual universe has established the homo-sapiens as the socio-sapiens. At Untrodden Labs, we aim to transform the human machine interaction by building intelligent machines who have also decided to go SOCIAL.

At TGS, the machines have also decided to go social.

The advancement in the field of technology is transforming the lives of people. Electricity is critical the fuel for growth of economy and the development of the society. Read more on Smart Grids and Stakeholders here.

Transmission and distribution sector of the world is heading towards a revolution leading to efficient use and generation of electricity.

Grids are being made smarter by deploying the latest technology which enables back and forth dialogue between users. It supports distribution automation using utility analytics which includes:

  1. Consumer Analytics: Customer analytics is used to gain insight into the customer experience, It helps to understand consumer behaviour, deliver the right message by segmenting customers effectively and to understand target populations. Read more on Socially Empowered Consumers here.
  2. Grid Management:Technicians can’t be everywhere in a service territory, so analytics keeps an eyes in the field to improve the operation of the grid taking into consideration the causes, duration of failures.
  3. Asset Health Management: making use of non operational data to track the health of the asset and do condition based maintenance to make sure we are optimizing operations expenses yet driving performance of individual assets.

These changes are making grids confident enough to be called independent and make the lives of people safer.

The implementation of smart self-healing grids in the area of transmission and distribution sector of electricity will be able to work with less manual interference saving people from entering in the grid area.

In the event of any calamity the smart grids would be self-sufficient and can provide resilient power backups, the lines could be remotely energized or de-energized during any sort of emergence. It would also allow fire emergency personnel to work faster.

Grids will have the option of set up in different modes depending on external factors. It will prevent mishaps like short circuit and blackouts, especially during the rain season.

By storing electricity during low demand hours, electricity can be supplied to every household during power cuts nights to make people in remote area feel safe!

Let’s make the world a safer place with socially safer smart grids powered by Things Go Social. For more details visit: