The modernization of energy ecosystem has been synonymous with smart grids enabling active participation of the consumers. As defined by European Union’s Smart Grids Strategic Research Agenda 2035, “A Smart Grid is an electricity network that can intelligently integrate the actions of all users connected to it — generators, consumers, and those that do both — in order to efficiently deliver sustainable, economic and secure electricity supplies.”

A consumer-centric revolution in the energy infrastructure is needed to modernize not only energy generation but consumption too. Smart consumers lead to smart energy. Traditional energy grids are unidirectional without any consumer engagement with no visibility. Consumers are uninformed and

consumer participation is needed for reliable, affordable, and efficient energy.

Also, in order to build smart cities and greener sustainable future consumers need to make intelligent energy choices and decisions which are possible with smart grids increasing the reliability, efficiency, and security of the electric delivery system.

Therefore, one major benefit of smart grids is empowered consumer which comes with active participation and autonomous control. This is achieved with real-time monitoring, dynamic pricing, and real-time consumption monitoring to increase the efficiency with reduced costs and increased savings.

Real-time energy consumption monitoring

With real-time consumption data, smart grid makes gives consumers the power to monitor their energy consumption and know the exact consumption in real-time thereby facilitating them to adjust the energy usage. This would ensure complete visibility eliminating all surprises or shocks if any in the electricity bills at the month end while giving the power to organize energy usage not to clash with peak demand hours and schedule their energy usage accordingly reducing their bills. Therefore, the consumer remains satisfied with control over their consumption.

Real-time pricing information for complete visibility

There is dynamic pricing for electricity billing whereby at peak demand hours the prices increase. With real-time pricing, the consumers can keep a track of the varying energy prices of different intervals at which they are charged. With visibility of the prices consumers can plan and manage the energy usage based on the prices, while saving money.

Accurate billing no jitters

Complete visibility would lead to complete transparency of the billing. No more month-end shocks with the bills!

We at Untrodden Labs want to empower the consumers with our innovative TGS smart grid solutions revolutionizing the power supply chain bringing end-to-end visibility in the energy infrastructure. TGS will provide the consumers with an interactive dashboard to measure their energy consumption to empower them with complete control of their energy consumption reducing wastage and increasing savings and efficiency.

Our smart grid solution is an electricity system using information technology (IT) and wireless communication modules for bi-directional communication to connect all the key stakeholders from the producer generating and transmitting electricity to the final consumers with end-to-end visibility and remote accessibility decentralizing the energy infrastructure. For complete control of the consumer with insights at their fingertips. More power to control their power in their hands.

TGS smart grids empowering consumers

To facilitate our consumer-centric smart grids to enable consumer empowerment, we have smart meter, an intelligent cost-effective digital meter with automated readings bringing visibility. Increased awareness leads to increased savings and accuracy.

We aim to make energy affordable for all while making it reliable, efficient and greener! By tracking energy usage manage your energy usage, giving more power to you, emPOWERing consumers. Our step towards making cities smarter!

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