TGS for Hotels: Ready to streamline consumer behavior and managerial goals

The hotel industry has an exclusive modus operandi to success and that is customer satisfaction. The supreme force driving on its shoulders the profits and the goodwill of any hotel, an embodiment of the service sector. While the ingredient of success is crystal clear, fathoming it is quite a task in itself. Pinning consumer trends and demands in this volatile world, transforming each minute with a new technological innovation is but an implausible task.

According to a report, “4 out of 10 hotel guests are between the ages of 18 and 36.” This provides a testimony to the fact that a large proportion of the consumers the hotel industry entertains today is that of Gen X and Y, the generations who have grown up with technology at their side; the optimistic generation who have seen change as a positive event for the betterment; the age of smart individuals living a life surrounded by smart devices 24/7.

The tech-savvy millennials are the denizens of the paradise of innovation and technology and hence, are always on the lookout for something unique, futuristic, exciting, and innovative. And one elemental ingredient for customer loyalty is to be futuristic, as the hotels are increasingly facing issues with customer loyalty. Today a customer is willing to try new brands, that are promising a better user experience with new innovation or technology.

Apart from these major expenses which are fairly more exposed than the others, the hotel managers have to face significant challenges like reducing the operational costs which include expenses for labor, maintenance and the utility cost of the hotel.

An integral part of enhancing customer satisfaction is to reduce the complaints of the customers which lead to a poor service experience making the customer return with sour thoughts and degraded impression. The most common type of complaints faced by the staff can range from the breakdown of equipment, mechanical failures, failures in HVAC, room ACs, leakage, lights, and other electrical failures. While identifying these issues costs the hotels a fortune, maintenance expenditure also mounts up to be the largest operating expenditure. Furthermore, the authorities, more often than not, only witness the issues once the customer has brought it to their notice which earns a bad service quality tag for the hotels.

The traditional hotel management system is certainly unable to meet all these challenges and falls short of adding value to the hotel profits. There is a need to reform the hotel management system and not only reform but reform in the most convenient and optimal way possible.


We, at Untrodden Labs, are working on ways technology can improve the way things work. We have developed a personalized IoT solution to meet all the demands! Things Go Social is our very own customizable intelligent IoT platform for a comprehensive building management system to work as the”stairway to success” for your hotels!

TGS is an end-to-end hotel management solution integrating all the operations and connecting the hotel with intelligence. A real-time monitoring and automation system integrated into a single platform to provide real-time diagnostics. It is a management-cum-maintenance solution to serve the management while providing the best customer experience to the guests.

It is a one-stop solution to provide real-time monitoring along with the added offering of customization for the guests, improving their experience. It is a solution providing real-time energy monitoring to propel energy efficiency in hotels and to save their energy bills.

The real-time alerts along with advanced data analytics for predictive maintenance makes the management always a step ahead while increasing their savings by almost 10%. And that’s not all, TGS has something for everyone! TGS provides Thing Green Score which lets the hotel managers keep a track of their carbon emissions to reduce it efficiently.

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