One fact that is world-known without even a hint of doubt is that air conditioners are one of the major contributors of Green House Gases and probably the most infamous culprit when we talk about the villains in the life of our Mother Earth!

Greenhouse gases are responsible for trapping heat which had made the mercury rising! And the rising degrees of temperature in turn are leading to an increase in the number of ACs installed. The world is witnessing a rise in the sale of ACs in the near future as Berkeley predicted the world is set to install 700 million air conditioners by 2030 which is subject to an upward moving graph with the projected growth of 1.6 Billion by 2050. And talking about the number of ACs, their effect cannot be neglected. While the total carbon produced by a 1.5 ton AC is 5728 g=5.7 kg per day, 1368 kg p.a.( if the air conditioner works for 20 days per month as an average) then doing the math of the 700 million ACs just sends shivers down the spine of our Planet, rather melts down the planet.

The sad reality is this unstoppable trend which is only bound to increase, is nothing but a vicious circle of perpetual sufferings. The increasing temperature is only going to persuade people to buy more ACs which in turn will turn up the heat which increases the carbon footprint. The more you cool your homes, the more you are heating the Earth, increasing the temperature which in turn increases the demand of cooling, drawing the complete circle.

Not only are they major contributors of GHG but they also constitute a major proportion of electricity consumption too! According to findings, the US uses as much electricity for air conditioning as all of Africa uses for all its electricity needs which is a testimony to the large amount of the electricity consumed by ACs. And it is not only stating the vast amount of electricity consumption by ACs it also leads to another important inference that this energy is however, generated from polluting power stations doing more harm than good.

The result?

The basic law of physics, “Law of conservation of energy”, states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed from one form to another. This means that the heat in any room cannot be destroyed and that’s how even ACs work, making it a culprit! Since 1970, global surface temperature rose at an average rate of about 0.17°C (around 0.3° Fahrenheit) per decade.

So, is there no possible solution to get out of this cursed circle?

One possible ray of hope is renewable energy! Replacing the energy source of the AC with renewable energy is one solution with the potential of saving our planet from ruins. But, that also solves only one part of the problem as The International Energy Agency predicts that even if renewable generation expands to six times its current output by 2050, it will still be satisfying only three-fourths of air-conditioning demand.

The goal is to make the ACs as energy efficient as possible while at the same time reducing their negative effect on our planet in the guise of carbon emissions. But, is there an economical way to make the ACs energy efficient? Is there a way to make the ACs and its energy consumption transparent to reduce it? Can the ACs energy consumption and carbon emissions be controlled without burning a hole in the pocket?

Well, there is! When things become necessity, we cannot change the need but we can probably mould the means to meet those needs! Sounds complex?

Simply put, we need a smart solution of energy efficient ACs. Untrodden Labs as an R&D Lab are working to find the most effective and convenient solution! We have developed our own IoT platform, Things Go Social which is a customizable monitoring and automation platform to meet personalized needs. Our platform makes energy efficiency a cake walk with real-time energy monitoring and data analytics, to provide comparative analysis optimizing the energy consumption.

Our platform comes with a unique feature, Thing Green Score to keep a track of the carbon emissions in real-time along with ways to minimize it! It gives complete control to the user by giving complete transparency and measurements!

Imagine your AC telling you and reminding you of the harm generated by the carbon footprint and giving you the power to reduce it!

And the best part, it is the most economical way to meet all your energy efficient and environment friendly goals! To widen the horizon of energy efficiency ACs can be manufactured with TGS, making them smart and environment friendly ACs. But, that doesn’t mean the existing ACs go obsolete! Anyone can make their AC smart and environment-friendly by making it TGS enabled without any hassles! It is plug and play intelligence for any AC anywhere! TGS is an all gain and no loss negotiation for everyone.

To know more on how we do it, visit www.thingsgosocial.com
Make your ACs smart energy efficient ACs today and do your bit for environment!