I am Huma.

Right around the time of my very own sexting scandal involving my husband and countless women (and actual cheating), the whole Anthony Weiner thing happened. I really felt for his wife, because nobody got why she stayed. We were trying dammit. We were trying to hold it altogether and restore something. I can only assume for her. She was pregnant. She had a lot of reasons to ride it out, like a lot of women do. It’s not easy to just leave. If you don’t love the person, perhaps. I still did at that time.

Later on, the news broke that he was caught again, or maybe just some old texting got resurfaced. Regardless, I also knew that feeling. Mine did that too. About the same time. It wasn’t as bad as the first ones, but still bad. We did the counseling at that point.

Just 2 or 3 weeks ago I found an inappropriate chat with a woman. I am still keeping it close and secret that I know. If I mention it, one of 2 things will happen. One, he will blow it off and make me look foolish for thinking it was something. He will say she’s not even that pretty, he was being nice. That I’m overreacting. Or two, I will get very upset and he will cry and say how sorry he is, how much he loves and needs me, and get us back into counseling. I don’t want either of those things.

I don’t want it to work anymore. I have endured enough, to be honest. I tried and tried and tried, waited, made every effort, and I wasn’t even the one with the burden to make the effort. He had to prove himself and win me back, not the other way around. He didnt. And he’s back at it. I didn’t have long to look around, but I know there’s more.

So, this morning I woke up to learn Huma Abedin is leaving Anthony Weiner for more sexting, this time with his child next to him in a photo, and it hurts me. It brings up feelings I try to keep buried. So far we have followed a somewhat parallel story and I know inevitably I will find more and meet my breaking point as well. At least she has a great career to fall back on. Good for you, Huma.

They don’t change, the repeat offenders that is. I hope mine does. For someone else, though. It’s almost too late for me.