Synchronize Your Team

A small boat with twin engines needs those engines to run at the same RPM in order for the boat to run smoothly and not have the captain of the boat fighting to keep the boat on course. In business, if our teams are not in sync, it can mean turbulent waters for everyone.

Gene and Josh have both worked for Wackie TEK Medical Services for several years and are good friends. They are part of a team working on a new system to assist the help desk better serve and support their customers.

During a team meeting, Gene said, “Let’s make the whole thing interactive. That’s where the world is headed, so let’s do it.”

“Well, maybe,” mused Josh. “But I think we’ll hit some real problems down the line.”

“Like what?” Gene asked.

“First of all, our customers are not going to grasp it. They are not that tech savvy and certainly have not mastered interactive yet,” Josh stated firmly.

“Who says they can’t? We should just go ahead and do it?” Gene spouted back.

This situation is not uncommon today as many organizations are constantly looking to upgrade and get the edge on the competition. There is a lot of focus on personalities and a desire for everyone to get along (or, as my wife says, “getting everyone to play nicely in the sandbox”). Understanding everyone’s personality and behavior style is vital to the foundation of every team. by Gregg Gregory [Read More]

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