How to be a Responsible Traveler

You know the Best thing about Travelling, Meeting with New People, Experiencing their cultures, their Languages, styles and their Lives and more and more. When travel, I open my all my senses to experience every bit of taste/touch/sound Everything. My Mobile- My BFF, But when travelling its my worst enemy. To overcome it I switched it OFF and pick my Camera and Click Click Click…

The Point why i am Writing about Responsibility is Because recently when I traveled to Delhi, I seen many cases where Guest Travelers become so caught up in the experience that they forget about their responsibility as traveller. To be responsible travellers when visiting a new Town or New Country we should take care of the following things.

Respecting culture means Respecting People :

Always keep in mind, the place you’re visiting, the people you’re interacting with are new to you and you’re new to them as a guest. So, they expect from you to follow their rules and customs and respecting their religion. I suggest when ever you’re planning to travel, you should take some notes and do some research and know about the place. like If you’re visiting a local church, mosque or temple, you may be expected to be dressed more conservatively, Sometime’s you have to put on head coverings or remove shoes. Learn which hand gestures are considered obscene or if it’s appropriate to shake hands. Click here for some Examples

Shopping on Streets:

Choosing accommodations, restaurants and shops that are owned by local businesses keeps your money in the local economy, which benefits a destination’s citizens.In Some Countries Like India, Bargaining is culture in many places, But Don’t overcome it and pay the Fair Price. Do not Buy Things that Looks Suspicious Like Drugs,endangered species or plants. Cultural heritage is not a souvenir!

Maintaining Local Environment:

The World’s Loosing it precious natural resources, and being Human it’s our duty to Protect them.If you’re going for a wildlife encounter, research the company to make sure that they follow ethical wildlife practices. Not all do. When viewing wildlife, Leave wild flowers and plants alone you don’t know about and enjoy them in their natural environment. Respect wild animals and keep your distance for your own safety and to not disturb them. Don’t feed wild animals or cause unnecessary noise. while travelling if you don’t find any litter or “USE ME” then don’t throw your trash and take it with you.

The Most Important Speaking in Their Language:

Learning Few words about the third world you’re visiting helps you when greeting and meeting new people. A case: When i was visiting Taj Mahal I saw an American and Indian were arguing about service and price because they don’t know each others language.Seriously, So always take a guide when you’re visiting if you don’t know the language.

And also be polite and never be shy to ask someone if you’re having Doubts.

Share your Experiences of responsible travelling in comments.

Originally published at on July 2, 2015.

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