What is a voice if you don’t use it to speak up, and what is a posture if you don’t use it to stand up,

When are we gonna get sick of these lies,

Government making policies that they wish us to oblige to,

Fuck you,

I won’t do as you say, your word so far has brought us nothing but pain.

We can’t take it anymore, when what you say is untrue,

Time for a leader who brings power to the people,

But who, me or you? It can be him or her,

As long as the vision lives beyond poverty and hurt.

So no more borders and no more fences,

No more illegitimate wars and stolen pensions,

Time for equality, not just our nation but globally,

You told to me, a world with love eternally,

Peace wants freedom and hate wants war,

Which side are you on, when you take the floor.

Travelling the country, gaining our votes,

With a hidden agenda, that you care about most,

Where’s the conscious, the thought, the idea of the bigger picture,

It’s clouded by greed and its destroying our future.

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