Bloggers’ Struggles in Collaborations

Brand collaborations on blogs are becoming popular as a lot of brand managers are seeking the ripple effect of viewership offered by trending blogging platforms. Blogs are a figment of the dot com world but withhold massive reach across diverse groups. Despite the popularity of this method of marketing, bloggers often face issues in fulfilling their side of the bargain. The association between the two sometimes turns sour with a not-so-happy ending.

· Directed Prose: When brands extend their product or service complimentary, they think it right to instruct the blogger with what needs to be done. A few suggestions are acceptable but sometimes they go too far into directing the post like a play and no blogger ever liked being directed like an actor!

· Numbers: Followers, viewers, readers are sometimes weighed on the money scale and when the negotiation gets ugly it’s a sad sight! Everything comes with a price tag but haggling over it is a nightmare.

· Freebies: What’s worse than negotiating is to deny a free post! Sometimes people look at it as 140 characters you need to type and why would you deserve a four digit figure for it and justifying that requires immense patience and broad smile to pull it off well.

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