Connoisseurs are curated

Connoisseurs — in any field — are created over time. They attain their skills, and therefore their tag, over a period of time with immense practice and experience in excelling what they do.

Connoisseurs in the social media domain are no exception and they play a vital role in building the brands they blog about. Word from the connoisseurs is golden for many and can make or break a brand’s image sometimes.

A check list can never serve the direction for an aspiring connoisseur but well, here’s a small note for it:

Crisp: They’re really crisp in what they express. They know just what to say/ write/ portray and they do it really well.

Fan Following: When you’ve got the first point right, this one will come easily to you. And once you’ve got this sorted, never let it get to your head.

Creative: All connoisseurs are creative beings at some level. If you approach your subject of content with a rather data-centric approach, chances are you will not be happy with the results.

Responsive: You’ve got to be perceptive of the opinions you gather from those who have vested interests in your content and your platform — this includes your readers as well as brands who chase you in almost equivalent proportions.

If you’re reaching stellar influencer levels through your preferred social media platforms you could sign up on our website and we will be happy to bring on brand campaigns for you.

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