I Almost died but then I DECIDED to lose weight… Here is my story

At ThinkUp, we get remarkable emails about positive change, life and happiness from our users. We will share some of them here. This one is the incredible story of Helen. Her story is so moving — we want to share it and inspire others.

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“Excuse me, are you OK?” a voice behind shouted.

I could barely breathe.

I was obese. Yes, not fat anymore — truly obese.


Every possible diet, gurus and groups. I ate only carrots and cabbage, stood by the blender for hours making fancy special juices and ordered lean meat when everyone was enjoying yummy pasta.

Nothing could ever last.

When no one was watching, I would sneak to the fridge and shove pasta and chocolate as fast as I could.

Nothing seemed to make the constant urge for food go away.

“Am I weak?”

“Why can’t I do anything about it??”

“How can I be such a looser???”

I was grumpy at home, too lazy to play with my kids and embarrassed to go to my doctor. All my blood tests were showing something horribly wrong going on in my body and I didn’t have the energy to deal with that either.

The more negative my thoughts became about myself, the more I ate to make the bad feeling go away. I was in a super fast downward-spiral and I hated life.

One day my friend Cindy was giving me one of many lectures, the friends I still had, were giving me. It was a lecture about positive mindset through affirmations and motivational quotes. I hated lectures anyway and the thought of telling myself positive sentences seemed ridiculous.

“I’ll be considered weird not just fat” — I laughed with pain.

But Cindy calmly took my phone and downloaded the ThinkUp app. Paid a small premium and said —

“Here you go — its yours for life. Decide what you want to do with it.”

I came home and with small curiosity and big doubt started browsing through the huge collections of relevant affirmations in ThinkUp App.

I browsed through the categories , chose about twenty sentences that I could relate to and the app made me record them in my own voice. I picked music and right before bedtime I decided to give it one shot.

For the next 20 minutes I was drifting into the most powerful experience, calming myself down from the negative of the day and into a beautiful state of relaxing music combined with my favorite positive affirmations in my own voice.

My own voice was talking to me and the voice was right —

I do love life

I know I need to be healthy to live a happy life.

I am strong and can do anything I set my mind to.

I drifted to sleep.

As the morning came I already felt better. In disbelief I listened again for a few minutes before the daily chaos began. I started to realize that I am getting the power I need to fight the negative comments and looks, my absurd cravings and feeling of defeat. I was strong and I can say no to food.

I finally not only signed up to a gym but actually went almost daily. I started seeing the results immediately.

I lost 50 pounds. I started walking then running and I am now finally becoming the person I always wanted to be. I am more energized with my kids, motivated at work, positive with my husband and overall happy.

Thank you ThinkUp! You saved me and I’d love my story to inspire others.


Helen changed her life and so can you.

What’s your dream?

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