When the wise man points at the System the imbecile examines the Donald

President-Elect Donald Trump. Americans are very emotional now that the ‘impossible’ has happened. At least those who consider themselves as educated or liberals or progressive. Or those who are simply shocked to transition from the ‘first Black President’, a handsome and graceful speaker, to the first ‘reality-show host President’, a sniffing and womanizing old WASP billionaire.

Mainstream media, although used to playing an active role instead of just providing ethical journalism to dependent citizens for decades, went out of their ways before, during, and after the campaign & official presidential debates taking a blatant anti-Trump stance. Some editors and influencers because of pro-Democrat inclination, the other Republican-leaning ones because of mistrust for an independent and mostly self-financed candidacy. In that regard let’s remind those who’d be surprised that the media lobby is one of the richest and most active one during presidential elections; this explains among others why Fox News originally viciously fought Trump during the Republican primary.

The presidential election process in the U.S. is already reducing politics to personalities and appearances instead of relaying programs and ideas. But this unexpected media consensus against the populist entrepreneur turned the presidential news coverage into a burlesque caricature to the expense of the people.

Worse, in line with their customer base, all the infotainment kings and Hollywood or music celebrities have added fuel to the fire by ridiculing Trump before he became President-elect, going as far as insulting him and thereby taking the risk of denigrating the institution of the Presidency itself. Not that Trump hasn’t done a lot to caricature himself, living up to some of his past questionable ventures such as his Apprentice tone of voice or his participation to his own roast on Comedy Central, by abruptly communicating via Twitter on major political matters (any PhD-holding academic would confirm that you need more than 140 characters to explain the Israeli-Palestinian conflict ..) among numerous others.

Meanwhile unconsidered America has observed the media circus unconvinced and has accordingly massively turned to the patriotic-alternative media who, in an almost mechanic anti-systemic reaction, echoed the simplistic rhetoric of Trump who seemed to oppose in every way what the hated Clinton franchise was about. The promise of re-industrialization, protectionist measures, control of the borders, patriotic populism, measures against corruption in Washington are topics who appeal to the segments of American society who are the losers of the globalization. Even if Trump, once in the White House, will have to cope with the castrating effect inherent to the combination of forces coming from objective power-exercising entities such as the Deep State and continuity of government representatives, special interests associated to the National Security, the Intelligence community, the FED and related financial stakeholders, etc.

The picture wouldn’t be complete if the calamitous campaign from his nemesis Clinton wasn’t mentioned: the despise of the most basic democratic principles among the Party when she and others conspired against Sanders, her bypass of cyber-security rules and the whole FBI shenanigans, the Putin-driven Russian hackers spin resulting in the most elementary moral principles being shamelessly put aside by the Clinton backers in a desperate and very Orwellian way.

But back to Trump. Or not. Because you see that’s exactly the point: the news organizations focus on spin com, tactics ins and outs, and personae as they are prisoners of the liberal competition. And even when they invite so-called pundits, there is no time and the format keeps from an enlightening analysis on socio-cultural or socio-economic correlations for instance. The media’s sociological impact on the process turning democracy into a display of junk politics is a fact. The election coverage is a show perpetuating the myth of the American democracy. So enough about Trump. It also eludes the actual systemic forces that shape policies and actually run the country through money, information or administration.

After reading my post just try this: switch your computer and television off, leave your smartphone in the drawer. Once disconnected from the System, sit down. Take two deep breaths. Now you can think, far from the media emotional conditioning.

And start by asking you this:

- What kind of system allows that a population of 324 million persons ends up with a choice limited to Hillary Clinton ‘or’ Donald Trump ?

Keep calm, other questions are popping up.

- What is called a political system where only the richest (own money or funded by private lobbies in this case) can get elected ?

- What is called a political system where an elected official leaves office ten times richer than when he entered it ?

- If American democracy is the best model on earth, how come the political ‘offer’ only consists of two parties ? Isn’t two just one party away from being a one party system (especially when the parties agree to most ‘serious’ political topics — such as free trade, national security, foreign affairs, etc.) ?

- If a parliamentary democracy is defined by the ability of the citizens to remove its elected representatives, what can explain the sustained rate of 90% of seat renewal over the years ?

- If Democracy is about serving the public interest, why are the key Treasury positions always handed over to private finance advocates who embody the worst conflict of interest.

- If Democracy is about representing the voting society, why are the seats in the Congress & Senate never filled with farmers, regular employees, small entrepreneurs, workers .. ?

How many of these questions are needed for everyone to agree that Democracy is a myth. And that myth is needed more than anywhere else in the US of A where the unique concept of American exceptionalism keeps the lower social classes from dissociating from the ruling class.

Let’s stop examining the Donald. Let’s examine the System.