The Purple Party Flag. GNP (Grand New Party)

We need a new party in the USA. What about purple. Let’s meet in the middle. The GNP- Grand New Party.

@3cordspublisher mascot suggestion. The American Bison.

Today a tweet from Evan McMullin noting that Jeff Flake may loose his senate seat got quite a few people churning. I find Evan smart and unusually centrist. And so almost jokingly I tweeted back that perhaps what we need is a new party, the purple party. Based on the quick and positive reaction to that response I thought I’d put down a few ideas that I have been mulling over for quite a while. I know I am not alone feeling this way:

Ever since I worked as the Director of Communications for the Congressional campaign of my friend Ben Lowe, who was running for Illinois’ 6th district, I have become obsessed with the idea of a ‘purple’ party. I saw with my own eyes how convoluted, ineffective, and self-serving the two party system has become in this country.

I like tens of millions of Americans who do not have allegiance to either party circus want a better option.

I like tens of millions of my fellow Americans am a self-declared centrist.

A centrist may ‘feel’ like an individual who is passive and does not pick sides, but that is far from the truth. It means that I fervently value positions on both the right AND the left.

It means that I am convinced that what binds us together is FAR bigger than what separates us. The three words Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness get to the heart of what the vast majority of Americans are actually thinking about every day.

In 2017 terms these three seem to translate to:
Life: I’d like for myself and those I love to stay alive.
Liberty: I’d like to keep my housing, my family, my possessions, and, of course, my country safe.
The pursuit of Happiness: I’d like to have a job that allows me and those I love to become the best of themselves.

We need a new party because those intrinsic values are getting lost in the ineffective politics of division, derision, and delusion of both Republicans and Democrats.

So le’ts meet in the middle. Let’s take a little from the left, and a little from the right and start something new. Something with conscience and effectivity, something that gets the wheels of government moving towards what we all want and value.

Yes, a new party requires time and patience. Two things we hate to exercise. But as we all know, nothing exceptional will happen overnight. At first, it will take a few dozen (at most) courageous individuals stepping up and saying, NO MORE to their establishment. 
A significant enough number that it creates a substantial voting bloc in Congress and the senate. And who knows, maybe in 2032 were talking about the first President from the purple party that represents the majority of us.

It will not be just a dream. It must and will happen.