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The Authoritarianism Project for The Manipulation of the Right and Left

Project update
1. (Condensed) Directions, notes for Project Authoritarianism AKA Project Police State/Project Orwellian to the continuing implementation & execution of which includes;
1.2 Incrementally increase censorship, take away civil liberties, freedom of speech, freedom to protest, control the narrative, suppress & manipulate information, keep people divided & in bubbles, embedded hardware & software for spying & censorship.

2. The accomplished success rate is best when we can harness approval for these measures by the emotionally outrage, fear, when one is in a state of elevated emotional response which leads to a higher degree of abandonment of intellect.

3. Much of our success for incremental authoritarianism has been done under the guise of patriotism & social justice. Economic justice is our enemy.
3.2 *Note adjust & execute accordingly per demographic.

4. The brilliance of this incrementalism is we give them that part that we want by giving them the part that they think they want well they are riled up. Never forget all the freedom & liberty that were taken with the success of using the 911 Domino for the Iraq war, Patriot Act etc. Now the Nazi, Iran, Korea & Russia narratives are like gifts to further our authoritarian projects well increasing profits for our employers. Fear & division are our tools & moneymakers.

5. “The utilizing of our (HI) Human Intelligence & (AI) Artificial Intelligence resources in social media & search engines to suppress information, control the narrative, manipulation, censor & keep people in bubbles” has a been a emphatic success, meeting projections well still improving.

6. Military industrial Complex, & Banks is our business. Implant a war economy in every State so it’s brings war economy jobs, this helps keep money in politics, politicians in line, & the media on board too.

7. Militarized police — give them weapons of war.

8. Election’s Integrity of open trusted Public verification of compulsory paper ballots & on the way they’re counted, can never come to fruition. Convince the public we need fast computer voting systems owned privately by corporations.

8.2 Remember to keep convincing the masses it’s the Government that’s the problem not the corporations running the Government.

8.3 Corporate monopolies make our job easier.

9. Above all else this is the most crucial, is to keep the Moneyed Party monopoly forever intact by convincing the electorate that they have no choice. Absolutely imperative is the silencing of clean money third parties & their candidates message because they are by far our biggest threat for they can potentially do what they say because they refuse our money.

10. My team against your team is our way. Incrementalism & Gradualism is one of our secrets to success.

10.2 To control billions of people Totalitarianism is our goal.

Project Authoritarianism The Manipulation of the Right and Left
Author’s note, Although this is satirical in form, All points stated & the simultaneous & back & forth manipulation of the so called left & right electorate is provable & in full throttle. Anyone is welcome to copy paste & share this attachment.

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