Become A Blogger and Reach Out To The World

Often it has been said many times that the value of content in the current growing market is diverse. Users are generating terabytes of data each second on social media websites, messaging apps or any other form of interactions. One such aspect that has come to the mainstream is the online blogging. There are professional writers and even novice users who have a lot to say and open their mind to the world, but don’t have apt knowledge about the medium.

If you want to create and control your online presence that allows you to communicate to a global audience then the best way forward is going for a blogging platform that can give you a viable reach over the audience.

There are a range of service providers like WordPress, Medium, Quora and Blogger which offer a platform to content creators to publish anything. There have been many cases in the past that have shown the power of a blog and how it can help you reach out to people and be heard.

All these platforms give a range of options to users as well as flexibility and control over their content. Moreover you can operate under your own terms and conditions and don’t have to remain under the tight loops of social media platforms which hinder your reach. You can be a photographer, writer, comedian, cook or even a person next door showing off the tricks their stupid cat can. If you have something to present that people would like, putting it on a blog is the best way forward.

I can personally guarantee you that the time that it would take for you to read this article would be more than putting up your own blog. If you want to lay a strong foundation that will be sustainable into the future the best combination would be to create your own WordPress blog with your domain that is self hosted. This will provide you with the ultimate in flexibility and control.

Over the years, I have used multiple platforms like Wordpress, Blogger, Medium, and even Tumblr, but no one could match the sheer power of WordPress. However, if you are just a novice or do not want the hassle of hosting, then nothing beats Medium. The biggest reason why most of us think twice before jumping the blogger bandwagon is that we find it cumbersome to run a blog. Medium in that aspect has definitely simplified the experience of an end user as it provides an easy interface and tools to users. But in reality easy route often does not fulfil the task at hand or provide you with flexibility and complexity of dealing with technology.

The key benefits to blogging are many and can’t be ignored if you are a professional, creator, musician, artist, author, entrepreneur or any one that wants to be visible on the social web and sell their services or products.

  • Creating great content can position you as a thought leader or expert in your industry
  • It will enable you to build powerful business networks
  • Create online visibility in a crowded web universe of over 500 million blogs and websites.
  • Provide a platform that will supercharge your learning. As you write and create you will learn.
  • and biggest of all, Increase your income

Although I wont deny the fact that, I myself had to go through a learning curve during the early days of my blogging as I did not have ample time, skill and aptitude to handle all the information. But as the time goes and you get used to writing, all of it comes as a breeze.