Love Till You Can, Leave No Promises Behind

Often we are stuck in life pondering what is going on. Often we look back to the days that have passed. Often we look back to nights that went in sobs. Often we are so, so stuck in our past that present is lived in reminiscence of trail of forgotten deeds. Past, some memories full of happiness, joy or griefs, tight lessons.

Some people become unforgettable. Some moments become non-regrettable. Some days that could have forever stayed and some, that should have never come to pass. Isn’t life all about all these melodramatic experiences? We meet people, some become important, while other just act as a passing storm. Also there are some, we do not even come to notice. We look yet we do not see.

Teenage, often the most catastrophic phase in a person’s life comes abound with many regrettable and unforgettable lessons. A guy I liked, a girl you loved. A smile I gave, a smile you received. Many a times we don’t know where the boat is going. Adrenaline levels being so heavily replenished that we are surmounted with ecstatic bags of freshness and youth that one crush, one love, one relationship makes up, for all fluidity in this world. Then alas, some day you happen to lose that some one. you feel like the last surviving person of a catastrophe (safe but alone and hopeless). You are in pain. And that pain, cannot be shared.

Parents are not friends. Friends are just friends and the only person close, is the one that is lost. The world seems to have abandoned and the hurt is unaccustomed to be succumbed. The earlier buzzing phones are left switched off for days and intoxication seems to be an easy way through.

Some change is needed. All this conditioning of love since the day we are born is not all that correct. Life is lived through hope, faith and love. Every person you meet is your mirror, going through same transitions and same spasms of unending pain. Share it! “Laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and I wipe it off”, somewhat this is a better way forward. You attach, you lose. You love, you remain. It is indeed that simple.

Why love to get? Give and get away. Why stagnate your energy at a place, with a person? Many more, that are left, thrown away, driven out need your help, protection, love and care. No one on this earth lives a sure shot hundred years. Several die minutes after birth. What if the person you loved, died half way? Does that mark an ending to your life?

In the end every love story, every relation should be like a tennis match. You come, you play and in the end with respect for each other you shake hands and move on. There is no point in sulking after your partner has left. They came into your life, gave you some memories and left you behind. Now it is up to you to cherish those memories or just burn them in your mind as a nightmare. Time does not wait for anyone, this is why people crave for it and want more of it. Make yourself like that and see how your life becomes desirable.

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