We Are Living In a Bubble Of Deceit And Confusion

When I read about love now, I feel I am into an unknown world. The promises, the ventures one was supposed to get into have all died as I see more of world and worldliness now. There is no purity in emotions.

We are mere working creatures who live on instincts. I had a word with a very close friend telling me about her communication and interpersonal relations with two guys. With one she has had a five year relationship and one more who she has known for only a month but it makes her feel as if she has known him for years and years. She is so confused and does not herself know what is love and how one can fulfil all duties when committed. Are these real problems or only illusions of our minds? Are we all hallucinated by thoughts and notions of love and don’t known barely even the drop of the great ocean of love.

It is astounding today, that we have to make fastidious decisions to be happy even for a moment. We look for love in every place except our own selves. We try to find love in other individuals only. May be that is the place where we also find greatest of disappointments. We must know we don’t own anybody. We can barely enjoy the presence of one till it lasts, without any expectations. Unfortunately we are all tied up with misfortunes that living up to own dreams seems to be a nightmare.

I recently heard “Love is the only fear I have.” May be that, we live and believe in living aloof with all comforts. All of us love our comfort zone more than any values/principle underlying life’s bosom.

When our only wish was to love and be loved, we worry about only unemotional dreams that can come along with stiff application of brains.

Very often there is a conflict between selves and social decorum and it is then that we think that it is better to choose the safer way round. But people who have gone against the stream have always ushered as the winners who took a while to get into the air, but when they did they just showered in and flied. This is the power of self confidence and trust unto oneself.

As a youth, we today are surmounted with baggage of dreams, career, romance, family and social aesthetics. We are always struggling between two things- our heart and social constructions in various dogmas in life. Either we follow the rut or we do what we want to do.

There is always a plunge. There are also people left behind who will be hurt or those who will be happy as you progress along. Although, there will be more people who will be upset and would want one to shed all mind boggling strife and merge with others going as per the norms.

There is either victory or defeat.
There is either life or death.
There is either living or merely surviving.

We have to find a way out out of all bewildering confusions, one has to step out, face and then prove oneself.

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