As we start a new year we are all most likely reflecting and wanting to make some changes in our lives. While health is usually at the top of most of our list- losing weight, being more active and eating better- I am reminded that health is also affected internally…

by Sheri Sutton

Last night at a gals gathering I received a lot of compliments about how great I looked. Turning 5o this year really affected me (in my head) so I drastically changed my diet and fitness plan because I want to look and feel healthier as I age…

Let go of anger and let happiness enter your life!

by Sheri Sutton

This morning I laid in bed and watched as the beautiful pink and purple colors surrounded the skyline. I felt completely relaxed, content, peaceful and happy. I watched as the light intensified into bright orange as the sunlight took over and a new day began….spring …

Do you want to live an extroidinary life?

by Sheri Sutton

I have amped up my soul searching efforts lately, perhaps it is because I am older, maybe I am at a crossroads with life vs. happiness. What ever the case I am realizing that there are a lot of unhappy, angry and unhealthy people out there…

Thinking Diva

Working through the with intention, love and inspiration!

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