cultural shift

earth-works bring about a state of consciousness connected to mankind’s affairs from eons through

how does one get back to the practices when we were not raised with the rites?

the experience will not come from a school or a class or a book or a pass

it will come from working side by side with the people who have the connection

my mom says we have 2 ears and 1 mouth

because we are to listen twice as often as we speak… at least

these obvious signatures in the physical maps of our reality are everywhere

from our own bodies to the plants we utilize

when we are trained to think we have already mastered existence

and have never put in a lick of effort

to directly earn our food clothing or shelter

we unknowingly act with an arrogance

this country has been formed directly off of slavery and indentured servitude

which means there are consumers who only work to increase their means to buy their necessities without having to build them, themselves

all work is geared toward upholding a system with one step between us and our goods and services… money

be it gold or dollars

this is the mood of the space

the attitude of our place

participating in the earth work

connects us to everyone who has done it before

actually doing the work

might quiet us to a place where we can hear the songs of the teachers

to wake us up to a world of beautiful beings

the culture of this planet which is powerful yet only audible to a listening heart

the rewards are abundant

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