When you break it down, owning a business is expensive. From payroll to employee benefits, things tend to add up very quickly. As your business scales, you’ll need to invest money into hiring employees to meet demand, keep the business moving forward and avoid transition costs associated with getting new employees up and running. Sounds like fun, right?

Well no matter how you look at it, this doesn’t have to be a daunting decision that keeps you up at night. Recently, hiring agencies/marketing firms instead of new employees have become a more cost-effective solution. Outsourcing some of your work doesn’t mean giving away the keys to your castle, it means having a team of people to work with to grow your business without the risk of onboarding and labor costs. Here are some additional benefits below:

Cost Effective

A single employee can cost you more than an agency in the long run if you factor in office space, equipment, salary, payroll taxes, and health insurance. These costs will add up real quick with multiple new hires. With an agency, you are paying a fee for their services (depending on your needs) which in most cases is less than hiring new employees.

Tax Write Off

Not only will it be more affordable to hire an agency but you may be able to write off that expense for tax purposes. This means any advertising and promotional expenses that have a clear relationship to your business are deductible at the end of your fiscal year.

Access To A Full-Scale Team

Do you know the expression “Two heads are better than one”? In this case, you’ll have multiple heads/people working with you on social media, business strategy, design, and more. Yes, you can hire one employee that specializes in marketing or design but with an agency, you’ll have a whole team with expertise dedicated to helping grow your business.

Extra Set Of Eyes (And Ears)

Even the most experienced entrepreneurs need help. It doesn’t hurt to have a few (or a lot) of extra people to bounce ideas around with especially with creative directors, art directors, copywriters, media planners, and other experts that come along with hiring a creative agency.

Frees Up More Time

Spend less time on boarding a new employee and more time focusing on other aspects of your company. If you hire the right agency, you will be able to work together without you having to waste time training and getting your new employee acclimated to your company. Agencies are equipped with the right personnel to produce results, help drive sales, get leads, and build your following.

Expansion Team

Already have a marketing team? Agencies also have the ability to align with current marketing teams during busier times of the year to help keep up with higher marketing demands and keep consistency.

Help Us Help You.

We only have one goal here at Thirsty and that is to help you succeed because when you succeed, we do also. We are always learning from our clients and when we do, we use that knowledge to help our other clients succeed. It’s definitely a win-win situation.

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