Welcome to the Hormonal Jungle Gym
Scott Muska

Your writing is fantastic! Enjoyed this so much.

Funny story: Where I grew up, “dick” was standard slang for penis; I’d never heard another term for it from my peers (I’m one of 4 sisters from a fairly conservative home, etc.) Then one day in 8th grade, this boy was talking about “cock”. 
I could tell enough from the context that it was something sexual, but couldn’t completely figure it out. Intrigued, I planned on looking it up in the dictionary when I got home. But this was homeroom so I knew I’d forget. What to do? Write it on my hand so I’d remember, of course. 
Fast forward to 2nd-period English where I handed a paper in to Mrs Jones, who saw the all-caps COCK on my hand and gave me an unforgettable look!

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