Robert Hollingsworth was born in Lansing, Michigan. When he was around 2, he and his family would attend his grandfather’s church. His mother at the time was the choir director; he would sing along with them. As a teenager, Hollingsworth would mimic others and create his own musical projects. By using his 4 track tape recorder, which was given as a gift to him. Working hard at his craft, he begin to develop his own sound very quickly.
Being apart of the business world was something Hollingsworth was naturaly familiar to. Instead of playing with toys or video games; he would instead set his own desk up. Focusing on producing musical material and motivating himself that he was already a star, just like all the others.
Hollingsworth came up listning to gospel and all types of other genre of music. His mother and father are both talented singers, musicians and writers. The Jackson 5, Rance Allen, Stevie Wonder, Temptations, Isley Brothers, Al Green are just some of the great oldies and music he grew up listening to. To mention some of the newer school artist that he was inspired by, artists like: Mint Condition, De’ Angelo, R- Kelly, Sade’, Amel Larrieux, and many others.
By not having help from other musicians, he develop his own skills on multiple instruments. Instruments such as: Piano, Bass Guitar, Lead Guitar and Drums. Realizing he could do it all himself; He took no hesitation creating and performing his own ideas.

Playing Bass guitar for bands, choirs, and groups as well as singing; he started becoming more familiar with the music industry scene. Helping out assisting, hosting events: as well as being DJ, judging contestants and some sound engineering work. Hollingsworth began to relize he had other talents besides just being a vocalist and musician.

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