Now. Fly.

“You have escaped the cage. Your wings are stretched out. Now fly.” — Rumi

By Nadya Powell

On June 29th, 10 ten people gathered, (two of them virtually), for the inaugural meeting of ThisAbility— Helping everyone move forward. The aim of the session was to define the purpose of ThisAbility as well as to plan the activity ThisAbility will undertake in it’s its first year.

The evening kicked off with Tim Lindsey welcoming everyone to D&AD’s Hanbury Street space. He talked about the focus D&AD increasingly have on recognising work that does good in the world with the introduction of the White Pencil. Partnered with the D&AD Night School which enables individuals who cannot afford to study full time — D&AD we’re very proud to continue their history of doing good by supporting ThisAbility.

Tim also has a personal connection to ThisAbility–he broke his back in his youth which temporarily left him with limited movement. Because of this Tim understands first hand how the world is not designed for people with disabilities. Additionally, Tim is incredibly supportive of the (Chair of the meeting) Founder and Chief Purpose Officer of ThisAbility, Sulaiman Khan, who is a loyal contributor to D&AD speaking at their festival in 2016.

Once Tim had finished his introduction, we moved into three workshop groups to discuss:

  • What is the purpose of ThisAbility?
  • Who is it for?
  • What should it achieve it in it’s its first year?

The conversation was lively and rewarding, and the future of ThisAbility is now clearly defined. Exciting times ahead. The evening ended with a group photo of everyone — including two on computer — and the conversation continued into the night.


About Nadya

Nadya is all about fashion, feminism, friends, family and a few other f words. She is the “…Proud co-founder of Innovation Social, the newly formed business Utopia, The Great British Diversity Experiment and #ChristmasSOwhite.”

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