This Experience

reignited my mantra to, “Keep Moving Forward.”

I thought this was going to lead me places, but it ended up being a huge let down. Not the environment and the lessons, but me personally. All I can do now is take what I’ve learned and keep moving forward. Sure I gained some valuable life/ business lessons, but what I’ll take with me the most is: not to undervalue myself. Although my skills were not put to the test here, i’m sure they can be used elsewhere and can possibly help me grow.

I love this place, don’t get me wrong, but I guess at the end of it all I just fell too short and did not deliver. Its funny though, I found some contradicting characteristics of corporate america at my time here and now I can go on with a more open mind with many other things. I now know my value, my worth, what I can offer others, and the knowledge of what my importance is.

Maybe I’m just too nice? Maybe I think TOO much out of the box? Maybe I am not up to par with the understanding of certain things compared to some other people here who have been here for 3+ years? Maybe I just put too much trust in a system that is supposed to help you out, be there for you, and see you grow as an individual.

It’s o.k., there are more opportunities out there. Better ones. Just gotta,

Keep Moving Forward