Carlsberg Elephant Beer

Brewed by Carlsberg Danmark A/S
Style: Strong Pale Lager
Copenhagen, Denmark

A true Carlsberg classic, Elephant Beer was first launched way back in 1959. The elephant represents both strength of the beer and an exotic taste, or at least that’s what the pen notes say.

The inspiration came from Architect J. L. Dahlerup who, in 1901, created a tower resting on four elephants carved in granite. He in turn got the idea from the Minerva Square in Rome, where an obelisk supports an elephant.

This became known as The Elephant Gate and today is part of the main entrance to the brewery in Copenhagen.

The four elephants each bear the initial of one of Carl Jacobsen’s children: Theodora, Vagn, Helge and Paula. Carl Jacobsen, of course, is the son of Jacob Christian Jacobsen, the founder of the Carlsberg brewery.

Since then, the Elephant Gate has been a famous Danish landmark, and this is why Elephant beer is so important to the Carlsberg group, representing both historic and family ties.

The Elephant beer is made in the Carlsberg Brewery in Copenhagen and exported all around the world.

Review: 330ml bottle Bottle of Carlsberg Elephant Beer: ABV: 7.20%

Comes in a 330ml (11.2 ounce) nice green bottle. With an alcohol content over 7% you are expecting a kick with this brew.

Would look nice to drink cold from the bottle.

On pour a nice clear golden yellow colour, with a good foamy head which settles to a decent looking lager, no real lacing.

A real beery smell, with a very strong tinge of alcohol, and a very sweet, grainy maltiness apparent, some hints of honey.

On taste I got a creamy mouthful, with some grains

Lots of sugar, a very sweet malt after taste, too sweet in fact. I found this NOT NICE at all, too harsh to drink! Lots of alcohol in the taste

Overall, it was too strong, a bit chemical, a bit flat, and a very bad chemical aftertaste. It is certainly a strong beer to drink!

For sure its strong and has a kick but that’s in absence of any discernible taste or flavour. I found it very difficult to drink, lots of bitter hops, too many, and the malts kicking in to the fore. Not for me.